Genius reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Any changes will apply to the use www.  page. Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information upon purchase. Services offered by web shop does not include costs incurred by using computer equipment and services to access our site. is not responsible for the cost of the phone, internet traffic or any other expenses that may occur. Although strives to give the best possible service offerings, it can not guarantee that the services will fully suit your needs. also can not guarantee that the service will be error-free. If there is an error, please report it to our Contact Centre or e-mail sales@ in order to remove it as quickly as possible.

Terms of Service
Terms and conditions apply to customers whose residence is located on the Croatian territory. The buyer can be of any age and legally competent person who accepts our terms and condition, as confirmed by ordering items. Acceptance of the general conditions of the buyer confirms in order to purchase items through this webshop. All prices include VAT and are expressed in HRK. Offer and rates are valid until the expiration date stated on the cover of your catalog. The procedure and conditions of business (buying and selling) of goods by internet stores are defined by the following parameters: customer registration, ordering, payment, delivery, recovery and reclamation of goods. Supplier of goods is Genius d.o.o. Buyer is any person who ordered at least one product, fill in the required information and send them to Genius via Internet stores to purchase the entire range of merchandise displayed on the website
 www. . Photos displayed on www. are only illustrative.

During the first orders of products through an electronic form, it is necessary to register on the website
 www.  After a successful registration (duly completed all the required information), you will receive e-mail notification about your user name and your password. Please store it so that it is not accessible to third parties.
In order to control mail addresses, e-mail message will be sent and you will be asked to click on the link to confirm your address. If you forgot your password, please send mail to which we will send you a new password. With selected username and password and enter all the required data become our registered users. As a registered user you can freely buy in our web shop, receive news, be notified of updates and use all the services of our internet store.

Customer orders a product or products via electronic order form. Buyer is any person who ordered at least one product, fill in the required information and submit your order. All prices are expressed in the national currency, the Croatian kuna (HRK), including VAT. The goods are ordered electronically, by clicking on a particular product and placing it in the basket. Goods are considered to be ordered when the customer chooses and confirm payment. Customer orders products through electronic order form. Products are ordered electronically, by selecting a specific product and save it in the cart. After selection of the desired product by clicking the link complete the purchase, the system automatically takes you further to the pages where you have to confirm the accuracy of the data entered and choose one of the payment options. If you choose online payment cards, the system redirects you to a secure page where you select the type of card and will ask other necessary data. Once we receive your order you will receive an e-mail with a certificate of successfully completed orders, depending on the payment method.

You can pay cash on delivery, bank transfer or Vendor Contact.


The goods will be sent by courier to your door, and fee depends on a chosen courier. List of available courier services will be available upon clicking our Terms And Conditions when purchasing the item(s). We are unable to influence the exact time when the delivery to be made, because it depends on the schedule of the courier service, but if you have any special requests regarding delivery, we will do our best to meet your requirements.
Ordered products are packaged in such a way that cant be damaged by the usual handling. When downloading the buyer is obliged to check the status of shipments and in the event of any damage to advertise the product upon delivery (employees of the company making the delivery). If the damage is not visible from the outside, the buyer is obligated to report the complaint within 24 hours. Seller disclaims all liability in respect of defects that can occur during shipping and are not reported within 24 hours. If the buyer does not receive the goods, or notice of delivery, after it has been sent, the expected time, the buyer has the right to notify the seller in order to take action to find items or to send a replacement. In case buyer refuse to receive the goods ordered seller has the right to seek compensation from the customer all costs related to purchase. Seller undertakes to send the consignment to the buyer at the moment of receiving a certificate authorizing online transactions. Upon receipt and confirmation of the seller agrees to send the shipment within a five (5) working days. After the courier (the delivery company) picks upo shipment from the dealer, the dealer is not responsible for the further course of delivery and possible delays and problems that may arise regarding further manipulation and delivery of goods. However, it is neither responsible nor buyer can look for another product if it is received damaged.

Return and replacement
The buyer has the right to return the goods in the following cases:
- If the delivered goods that were not ordered, if the delivered goods, which has an error, that is not correct
The buyer also has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 45 Consumer Protection Act. Items being returned must be complete, in original packaging with all parts, accessories, and documentation. Buyer returns the product to the address: Genius d.o.o., Ulica grada Mainza 23, 10 000 Zagreb.
If the product is undamaged and free of defects, but the buyer subsequently concluded that he does not like the product, the customer is not entitled to a refund or replacement product. This is regulated in order to protect consumers and other buyers who would later in this case, get the product used. Eventualy they can arrange return of the impairment of the product, so that it can be sold with an indication that it was used. This is only possible if the seller decides that the product can continue to offer as used, and thus are not violated the rights of future customer, and if the customer agrees to the impairment you will get back.

Warranty and Service
For each product from our warranty, which is indicated on the warranty a product that comes with every certified product, which is issued by a licensed importer or distributor. In order to avoid unnecessary problems and possible misunderstandings, please thoroughly read the terms on the warranty and to comply with the same advertising defective device within the warranty period.
If this occurs within the warranty period the product, for example, changed the properties, which arises from the failure to follow the prescribed procedures of care and maintenance, Genius is not responsible for damage caused. Find out more about warranty below:
First Importer of the product ensures that the product purchased, the obtained warranty work without errors caused by possible poor workmanship and poor materials development. All eventually the damage will be removed for free within the warranty period, and within at least 7 years importer / distributor will provide parts and repair option (surcharge outside the warranty period)
2nd The warranty period is highlighted in Warranty listing
3rd If the product can not be repaired or is not repaired within 45 days, the customer can request a new product of the same, and if the seller can not deliver the same, will offer the customer a replacement product, which must be of the same quality and features as the original product purchased.
4th If the repair takes longer than 10 days, the warranty will be extended for the duration of the repair.
6th Warranty is recognized only with receipt and stamped warranty card.
7th Price does not include: checks, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts that wear normal use. Adaptations or changes to improve the product for the application that are not described in the technical instructions for use, except for the modifications presented to the agreement of the manufacturer.
8th Guarantee will not apply in the following cases:
- If the customer does not present a valid warranty card.- If the serial number altered or removed.- If the buyer did not comply with the instructions on the use of the product.- If the product is opened (no packaging than the product itself, ie the housing in which it is located), tampered with or repaired by an unauthorized person.- If there are defects in the product caused by force majeure, such as lightning, surges in the electrical grid, natural disasters, etc.- If there are failures caused damage or improper transportation.- If the defect is a defect in the system in which the product is connected.
9th With the warranty, the customer reserves and all consumer rights under the law.
10th The guarantor is an importer / distributor that is highlighted on the warranty that is valid as a contract, not a trader. The buyer gets the product warranty in the Croatian language issued by the importer, and detailing the conditions

Sold items
In individual cases, due to high demand, it is possible that some of the ordered items can not be delivered, or that some of the items available for purchase in whole or in part sold. In the case of items sold, the customer will be notified prior to delivery by e-mail or SMS. In this case, bank card will be canceled or only partially charged (for the supplied part of the order).

Data protection
Your personal information you provide voluntarily will be stored in our occupational customer base. Your personal information we collect and use for the purpose of processing orders, sending promotional materials to improve relationships with customers, and to check and authorization when paying by credit card, the extent and the time necessary to achieve the purposes specified in each case.
When registering a customer giving your consent to the processing of your data for the aforementioned purposes. You agree that the Genius company may contact you by phone or e-mail, or at the home address to submit material which will inform you about the benefits and news of its offers.
We protect your personal information in accordance with the law on protection of personal data, and we will not in any way make them available to third parties.. You have the right to request correction, amendment or supplement inaccurate, incomplete or not updating. For any questions concerning the protection of personal information you may contact the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.
You agree that the Company Genius in writing, by phone or an electronic mail, as well as his home address can deliver the material which will inform him about the benefits and news of its offer.
We guarantee that your e-mail address and other information will not be put to third legal and natural persons without your consent, because it is contrary to our Privacy Policy. We ask for your specific permission if you want to contact you about special offers and discounts. From the above it is exempt from inspection by authorized service executive government of the Republic of Croatian, for the purposes of investigations pursuant to a valid court order.
Genius is not responsible for accidental errors or due to force majeure or other objective circumstances which could accidentally violate the guaranteed protection of your data, but it guarantees that the error will be corrected, if possible, as soon as possible.